As the coronavirus pandemic hit, a lot of us started to panic and buy in bulk. I found myself at Costco more often than usual as I tried to stock up in fear of everything being shut down and I've discovered a few things along the way. 

1. Be careful buying veggies. We've had to get pretty creative with dinner around here so as to not let veggies go to waste.

2. One of the better values at Costco is their big bottles of marinated artichoke hearts. At approximately $10, you can't get even close to the same amount for the same price at the store, and they last a long, long time.

3. Speaking of good value. I love buying olive oil and pure maple syrup at Costco. Way cheaper than at the store and again, they don't go bad.

4. Toilet Paper and Paper Towel are a good deal at Costco, and it's nice to have this stuff in bulk, but I've found it's not that much less expensive than at the regular store. They ran out of the t.p. just like everywhere else, so it wasn't even an option on my trips.

5. Frozen fruit is a steal of a deal at Costco, but only buy it if you make a lot of smoothies or you now you will use them in a lot of ways. We go through frozen fruit like crazy and I like that it doesn't go bad like fresh fruit does.

6. Soda is not a great deal. As a major consumer of diet soda (sigh) you'll actually find better deals at the normal grocery store most of the time. Wait for the deals. They happen a lot.

7. I almost always buy my non-perishables like body wash, shampoo, conditioner, razors, and cleaning supplies at Costco. The only time I would suggest not doing this, is when you don't have room to store it.

8. Nuts are way cheaper, and if you don't think you'll use them, throw them in the freezer so they won't spoil! I also do this with pesto.

While we're talking Costco, has anyone heard an update about the Costco that is supposed to be built in Meridian? I've been waiting for that for years and haven't heard anything on it lately!

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