First off, I'll say that I LOVE dogs. I have dogs, honestly dogs make my day. I also keep them on leashes if they're outside. I had an experience that made me so ANGRY, not at the dog, but the dog's owner.

I'm a 33 year old grown man, and I'll admit, this dog scared the CRAP out of me. Walking through my quaint Meridian neighborhood yesterday when this dog came RUNNING at me. And this was a big boy, by the way. This thing was running, and barking, and slobbering. My instinct told me to haul ass in the opposite direction but as he was gaining on me I realized I had no chance of out running Marmaduke so I stopped to face him.

Luckily, he just stood there and barked real loud till the owner came walking towards us, not with any sense of urgency of course, but came to get the dog and called him away. He must have really trusted that his dog wasn't going to bite a stranger, and he was right, but honestly, do you trust your dog THAT much?

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