It seems like every day a new story comes out about the rising waters of the Boise River. Spring is in the air, and although you can't make plans to jump in the River anytime soon the waters are starting to cause more than just annoyance..they are damaging road ways.

High Water Boise River
Credit: YouTube Higher Vision Media LLC

The emerging river has created floods and warnings across Ada and Canyon Counties. Driving down Eagle road towards State Street you can see the rising waters coming over the sandbars and getting close to the grounds of the Hilton Garden Inn. Downtown Boise just walk along the Greenbelt and you can see the zones where it's beginning to get dangerous. Now a Caldwell road is closed because the River has taken over. River Road between Channell Road and West Plymouth Street has seen the waters and now is partially un-drivable. The roadway was closed this weekend because of the high water flow from the Boise River over the past few months. The River is only going to flow higher and fast in the coming month as Mike told you about last week in his article about how the waters will affect residences HERE. This stretch of land, which is just under about three-quarters of a mile will soon have crews out to fix it in time for traffic to get around next week, but it will cause some significant disruptions until fixed. The Canyon County Sheriff's office released a statement that asking commuters and locals who live in neighborhoods that see water rising to turn around and stay away, don't attempt to cross the waters even if you feel like you can. Most times the water is too deep and other bad things happen. Stay safe and drive carefully.

If you haven't seen this video yet of the HIGH WATER's of the Boise River, watch it now, it will really open your eyes.

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