All 50 states have been ranked from smelliest to least; California is #2, you might be surprised where Idaho landed...

This is a pretty solid science they used to rank all 50 states from smelliest to least smelly. The study, released by Zippia, examined how filthy the air is in each state, how many landfills there are, DENTAL HEALTH played a role and they even looked at population density and the body odor problem that occurs when too many human beings are in close quarters. Idaho landed in the top 10.... LEAST smelliest. But first, let's shout out the SMELLIEST state in the United States. That honor would go to our friends in Maryland where not are only are there a lot of people, but it also gets real hot and humid during the summer months... Yikes! California is second on the list, but other than that, no state West of the Mississippi made it in the top ten. Woohoo!

Idaho, in fact, was in the bottom 10 smelliest, or top 10 least smelliest, however you want to look at it. Idaho ranked 47/50 but we weren't the least. North and South Dakota tied for the least, making them 49th and 50th and Wyoming was 48th. So other than those three, we're one of the least smelly states in the United States. Pretty cool, right? I'm sure there are some folks that live close to some gnarly smelling Idaho farms that may disagree with this but look, it could always be worse, am I right? Way to go, Idaho!

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