Have you been downtown and seen Jump Boise and all the emojis they've got outside? Well, it's for a very good reason!

It seems as though the emojis have slowly found there way in front of Jump Boise over the last couple of weeks until all the sudden, they're everywhere! Well, Jump Boise is looking to spread some joy as we kick off 2021. Their campaign is called "Giggling For Good". Here's the giggling part: they're inviting you out to "Crack-up, chuckle, and grin. Watch youthful budding comedians deliver humorous punchlines on (their) large JUMPotron screen in the park and follow (them) on Facebook and Instagram for a daily jolt of humor."

They're also asking you to give. They're collecting supplies and asking you to drop by and deliver them to the Giggle Monsters located outside of jump. They're collecting "socks, underwear, hats, gloves and hygiene items including shampoo, deodorant, toothpaste, etc."

If you have a young jokester 12 and under who likes to tell family friendly jokes, they may end up on the Jumpotron! For more info on how to donate, how to get involved or just see more detail on what it's all about, check out this link!

Jump has changed the landscape of Downtown Boise and now they're spreading positivity in a really cool, really stand out way. So, feel free to have a giggle when you drive by and see the giant emojis and the giggle monsters out there. It's a good time to have a smile on your face!

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