It's time. Can you believe that Halloween is just 10 days away? Three days after that will be the Presidential Election and it's going to be one never forgotten.

So, let's enjoy every moment we can and make memories. It's almost Halloween and nothing will be like it is this year. JUMP in Downtown is giving you an outside safe way to enjoy a Halloween moment.

JUMP just launched Spooktacular Stroll that runs from today until Sunday in Downtown Boise. You can visit the haunted graveyard forest, look for some silly pumpkins down the stroll in the JUMPkin patch. Watch out for those creepy and ghoulie gourds.

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You can grab all your friends, family, and creepiest costumes for this big annual outdoor event. It won't cost anything but a smile and some great photos for social media. JUMP doesn't let down either because they put the best to help make events and experience. In a time where you don't feel comfortable going anywhere at least this one is outside with social distancing.

This will be lit up during the evening and be perfect for your Instagram photos. I say that because social media is just where we store memories these days. Take advantage. I remember when smart moms would bring the kids to the mall and take holiday photos in front of the tree. They would then get copies and there you go. That's your holiday photo and pretty smart because that stuff isn't cheap!

You can watch the video for a sneak at what to see and follow the links for more information.

The JUMPKIN PATCH from Michael W. McCullough on Vimeo.

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