You might notice some awesome, massive, out of this world art as you pull into Downtown. It's their Illumibrate Light & Color Festival. Get a sneak peak here!

All this year, JUMP Boise has been doing art installations with a different theme every month. This month, JUMP Boise is holding the 4th annual Illumibrate Light and Color Festival, and it may just be the coolest one yet! This event used to be just a one day event in March, but now, it spans the entire month of June. The theme this year: "Light Up Your Wild Side". We all have one, don't we? According to JUMP's website, "This subtle narrative is realized as guests enter the Illumibrate installation through the center of a caterpillar tunnel and travel 40-feet to arrive at a mirrored mosaic butterfly. Upon arrival, one can reflect on our collective metamorphosis and the awe being part of this Wild-Life." How cool is this? Check out some awesome pictures of some of the art, courtesy of Anthony Lizardi, @adventuring_with_anthony on Instagram.

Photo Credit: Anthony Lizardi

Finally an ATM that delivers treats instead of taking fees!

Photo Credit: Anthony Lizardi

And a massive lady bug with some cool friends hangin' with her! You can go check out this amazing art any time this month and according to JUMP, "Wildlife isn’t the only thrill at this year’s Illumibrate. JUMP’s Funthusiasts have created participatory activities and specialty food & drinks to surprise and delight the visitors, every Saturday in June from 2:00–9:00PM" Pretty cool, huh? Get out there and enjoy!

Check out more awesome pics from Anthony!

Rose Garden at Julia Davis Park

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