Other ice cream shops around the country are following in Boise's footsteps by pairing alcohol with ice cream, and this may just be the tip of the iceberg for the boozy fusion trend.  How about some wine-flavored jelly on a PB&J?

In my travels across the interweb over the weekend, I ran across Drunk Jelly. Have you seen it?  This jelly leaves the alcohol out, which makes it different from the ice cream trends right now.  But this jam takes the flavor Pinto Grigio, Cabernet Savignon, or Merlot, so you can have wine-flavored toast, or a wine-flavored peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  Too weird?  Back to the ice cream.

An ice cream shop called Ice Cream Wasted is so popular in Texas that you've got to reserve a table. It sounds like the goal is to produce a full-on sensory experience of ice cream indulgence, rather than just grab a quick cone.  It's like a long, sweet spa day for your mouth.  The ice cream comes in three to four courses, and much of it is alcohol-infused.  Those shops are in Houston, Dallas, and Plano, TX.

Boise's ice cream shop called The STIL (it stands for Sweetest Things in Life) opened up this summer too, and offers the alcohol infusions.  The Idaho Statesman says the shop has the usual chocolate and vanilla offerings, offers ice cream and alcohol pairings, and infuses some booze into a few flavors like Honey Bourbon.  Our own Mike Kasper got excited about all of this earlier this summer, and highlighted the wine sorbets and beer ice creams in a blog too. Do you love it?

Ice cream was already sort of a guilty pleasure, and now there's booze involved.  Is all of this food fusion fantastic, or is it just too nuts?  Hmm...nuts might be good as a topping to pump in a little protein and call it lunch.  Sorry kiddos, this is a little quality time between Mama and the spoon.

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