The Latest Slang Words You Need To Know To Sound Cool
I try to be a "cool" Mom, but honestly I can't keep up most of the time. My kids throw out words that I'm like, "say what?!" and the trends change so quickly! By the time I'm on board with how teens talk and dress it's usually not cool anymore! Here's my …
You Cannot Go Wrong With This Gift
People that are the hardest to buy for will love this gift, and those that seem to have everything can always use one more. This Christmas present idea could solve all of your gift-giving problems.
Will This Wedding Trend Catch on in Boise?
Something new is happening with brides and grooms, and while it could be a fantastic new way to tie the knot, it may also really upset your grandma. Would you ever combine last names to invent a completely new one?
How Early is Too Early for Halloween Candy?
Summer is on the way out, and this weekend as you're sifting through beach towel and flip flop sales, you might also run into some candy corns. The internet is having a fit that Halloween candy is already out in some stores, even before the pumpkin spice lattes. Too soon?

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