Yes this really happened here in Boise. After looking at the picture, the one question everyone has is - how does this even happen?

This recently happened on Broad Street near Boise Brewing in front of the Boise Weekly. There were warning signs, cones and detours set up, yet this Ford Focus still drove straight through the new cement.

Credit: Bingo Barnes from Boise Weekly
Credit: Bingo Barnes from Boise Weekly

How little attention are you paying that you completely ignore the wet cement signs and orange cones? What is the worker who's holding his up and shrugging his shoulders thinking? What were the first words our of the driver's mouth, once he realized he drove into a huge pit of wet cement? Ho many weeks does this add to finishing this road project and finally, who has to pay for this major faux pas?

I did reach out to the mechanic who's job it was to clean the car and he said he did the best he could to get it ready to go again. He said: "It took about 30 minutes to get the axles and rack and pinion cleared up enough to drive. All the transmission webbing on the case is packed full."

If you want some entertainment, check out below. They ran the picture and some if the responses are pretty funny.


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