While a majority of Students in College are geting ready for spring break, the usual plans seem to include some type of drinking and a party atmosphere. For those students who are looking for a little something more during there break from the school studies the Boise State Rec Center offers a fine list of alternatives. 


I so wish when I was a student at the University of Idaho I would have found some different options for my spring break. While a boys trip down to Lake Havasu was enjoyable, I don't really remember much about it lol. The Boise State Rec Center has a list of alternative options to the stereo typical spring break actions. For those students looking to spread their wings and get in the great outdoors these are awesome.

Bogus Basin College Night- A  trip up to the mountain for skiing and snowboarding. It's the annual College Night. All rentals and fees with equipment are up to students to pay for, but for that freshman who is dying to get up and experience Bogus for the first time this is a Win/Win.

Black Cliff Backpacking Trip- Interested in rock climbing? This would be the prefect get away for your break. $25 includes your trip to the Black Cliffs of Boise and those who have more experience with climbing will be better off. If that's not the case for you, you can get some good one on one time before the trip on March 27th.

Oregon Bike Touring- For the avid bike rider, taking a long Spring Break putting the miles between point A and point B could be THE trip of a life time. Eastern Oregon has many breathtaking miles of pavement just waiting for you to ride on. A 175 mile bike ride is what you can experience. I can't even imagine doing that, but for those who love the open road GREAT for You! I envy you lol.

What ever your choice is this Spring Break, make it safe, enjoy it...and make memories that you can and will always remember. - JD


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