Spring break is looming ahead just weeks away. What even are the kiddos going to do with this week away from school? There was more than enough boredom to go around when the pandemic shut down normal life. Spring break is usually so welcome, but my kid and his friends have been so excited to be back in school learning and keeping busy, that they're kind of bummed they'll be away again. So I've been looking for something completely new to to occupy him during the week off that will keep him entertained and learning.

Treasure Valley Children's Theater is hosting two spring break camp programs for kids interested in the art of performing. The two programs offered are in-person and run from the 22nd to the 26th of March:

TVCT Wizard of Oz Spring Break Camp - Wizard of Oz Camp - Come play with us this spring break in the merry ol’ land of Oz as we discover the importance of hearts, courage, and smarts in Dorothy’s journey down the yellow brick road. Students will become storytellers creating characters, singing beloved songs, and dancing in our final performance. Don’t let a tornado derail your spring break plans, sign up today to join us somewhere over the rainbow!

Boise Remix Theater Spring Break Camp - What is REMIX theater?! In this week-long camp, we will take old time radio plays, stories, and staged readings from a pre-covid world, and FLIP and TURN them into 2021 theatrical experiences!  Come learn about foley art, storytelling and physical comedy, and brainstorm ways to create theater NOW when many stages are empty. This camp is perfect for students looking to explore many different methods of doing theater in a safe, stress-free environment. Open to all acting abilities. 

They offer several programs outside of the spring break schedule also, some running through the spring break dates. You can find that and registration information here.

My only trepidation is sending the kids during a pandemic, but Covid-19 protocols are being followed and since the camp is smaller than elementary school populations it seems the risk is lower. Kids will be required to wear masks and practice social distancing.

As a theater kid myself, I can tell you the performing arts helped me develop confidence and communication skills and a heightened sense of empathy and creativity. 10/10 recommend theater for kids. And if in the end your kids hate it, at least it was only a week.

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