Spring will has sprung. Warmer weather and brighter days have everyone jonesing to get back to fun nights out. As someone who enjoys a few strong cocktails, there are plenty of bars that have been satisfying the night life craving just fine. But that's not everyone's bag, and honestly it can get a little old. At the very least, March 22nd through March 27th, Meridian Bowling Lanes has extended its hours to 2:00am as a spring break special. Late night doesn't have to mean drinking. It can mean knocking down pins.

Swing shift workers, this is all you. My husband is on swing shift and it's so annoying for him to get off work and it's too late for us to do anything together with the kids. This Friday we're going to let the kids stay up late for bowling family fun at 11pm. As of right now there are plenty of lanes available for the late night hours, but you'll want to make a reservation before everything is booked. Pro Tip: The mobile site is far more user friendly than the desktop, so make sure to book from your phone if you don't want to be all the way frustrated.

This is just a spring break special for now. Hopefully they will consider keeping the lanes open until 2:00am for the duration of spring and summer if enough people go next week. Emerald Lanes and Big Al's don't stay open later than midnight, so this is a real opportunity to squash the competition if you ask me.

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