Depression is rough.  Anyone that's ever dealt with a mental issue or watched a loved one battle it, knows every day can be a challenge. Boise State is hosting an event this week that combines music, speakers, essays, and poetry, and the goal is to break down the walls surrounding mental illness.  

Several people from Boise will share their stories this weekend about how they fought mental illness and won, or how they watched a loved one overcome.

This Is My Brave Boise is happening this Saturday, February 18th at the Boise State Special Events Center from 7 to 9pm

One of the speakers will be Interfaith Sanctuary co-director, Jodi Peterson, who says she's honoring her father, whose mental illness was revealed after the death of her mother. She says, "He had a complete mental break...He was frequently hospitalized, but he was also a brilliant, caring, funny man. He suffered from depression. He was not depression."

Get tickets HERE, and watch as several local volunteers and non-profits combine to make the event happen this Saturday.  If you have a friend or family going through a mental challenge right now, it could be just the spark they need to get on the road to recovery.


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