Soccer is more than just a game at Boise State.  It's an experience that helps the players develop and refine values like hard work, dedication, and the importance of community, and now it includes a pretty amazing trip to Spain to do a little more of that.  

This might be a once-in-a-lifetime trip for these athletes, who are heading to Basque Country next month.

The women's soccer team is going to Barcelona, Spain and San Sebastian in May to train with soccer clubs there, see the sights, and help those less fortunate while they're there, according to Boise State.

It's part of the overall philosophy of the soccer program to spotlight hard work and leadership, and to encourage players to help make the world a better place off the field too. Those of us with young kids on soccer teams are hoping this kind of great role modeling rubs off!

The school had a fundraising campaign going last fall to help with expenses on the trip and they hit the $5000 goal, but the project is still taking donations if you want to contribute.  Be sure you specify that the gift is going to the women's soccer team by entering JR034 in the Fund ID space.

The team visited the Basque Museum and Cultural Center this week to get ready for the trip, scheduled for May 9-18.

Have fun ladies!  And thanks for being good role models for our kiddos.

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