Boise State Athletes are Headed to Spain
Soccer is more than just a game at Boise State.  It's an experience that helps the players develop and refine values like hard work, dedication, and the importance of community, and now it includes a pretty amazing trip to Spain to do a little more of that.
State Soccer Schedule
State Soccer Schedule
If you have lived in the State for a small amount of time or maybe even your entire life no doubt you know that Idaho has a crazy love for soccer. And some pretty amazing High School teams are going to the Sate Soccer Tournament October 20th through the 22nd.. We've got ya covered with the when were and who's playing.
World’s Passion For Soccer Is Just As Cool As The Matches Themselves
Are you a fairweather soccer fan?  I'll admit it.  I am. I got really into the World Cup in 2006, and I watched again in 2010, and I'm trying to catch it now whenever I have some down time.  And I love it!  But I'll fairweather myself in another few weeks and quit watching soccer I'm sure.  Why do we do that?  The world is super-passionate about soccer, and that's fun to see.  Soccer unites people