This is one of those stories that is never easy to write, a family is mourning the loss of a wonderful woman and yet still want to try to gift someone a chance to enjoy a concert.

Devri reached out to us a few days ago on the Mix 106 Facebook page letting us know about the battle her family was going through and that they had Pink tickets to her show on Wednesday night in SLC ( Salt Lake City). Devri and her sister Jodi had purchased the tickets to see Pink in concert but unfortunately their mother rapidly declined it sounds like as she was battling Breast Cancer. Devri let us in on what was going on :

Our mom Cindy Copeland was diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer in November 2016. After a double mastectomy we found out it had already spread to her bones. She went through both aggressive chemo and radiation over the next 2 plus years. In October this year we found it had spread to her liver but she was still determine to beat it. Three weeks ago today we found out it was now in her spine and brain. Even then she elected to continue to fight and started more radiation. But her body is tired and she has now stopped radiation and has been placed on hospice. We have been told she has maybe a few days to weeks. 

In the spirit of our mom’s kind and giving heart my sister, Jodi Roubidoux and I, Devri Roubidoux want our tickets to Pinks concert to go to someone. Mom told us we better not miss the concert but Pink will always be touring but time with a mom like ours is priceless. We are blessed.
There is so much more to say about this amazing woman, I could go on for days as could anyone who has met her. Thank you from our whole family!

Sadly hours after speaking to Devri on Friday, Cindy passed away.

This woman is so loved and from speaking with her daughter we knew that instantly. The photos you see, the smile that is being shared is special. We are thankful that Devri reached out. Cindy was a fun person, she loved flashing the peace sign and anyone with a smile like that has a big heart. Our thoughts are with this family. If you can go to the Pink concert this wednesday let us know. You will have to get yourself their and take care of accommodations but the tickets to the concert can be transferred via mobile but that's it. A chance to see Pink in concert? Wow that is very kind.

Wednesday in Salt Lake City at Vivint Smart Home Arena is the Pink Beautiful Trauma World Tour. We have to have a winner by 9 am on Monday April 1st ( NO THIS IS NOT A JOKE) so let us know ASAP and make sure you can go and not just taking the tickets for a chance to go. Cindy would want someone to enjoy it, cause right now her daughters just can't. When Billy spoke to Devri he said she mentioned they were good seats too!



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