The Boise School District is surveying parents on a proposal to move the beginning of school to mid-August and end the school year in May.They say to ease testing burdens and improve attendance.

District officials sent out an email to parents saying that the shift would end the first semester by winter break. It also would eliminate having students come back to school for just three and a half days after Memorial Day.

It is possible it could take effect for the 2018-19 school year.

The revision could change the issue of lower attendance that schools see in the lead-up to both winter breaks and the days of school after the Memorial Day weekend. Families usually take vacations at those times and tend to miss one to a few days of school because of the way the holidays hit.

The parent survey will provide the district with more information before it makes a final decision. Parents have until May 30 to complete the survey, which can be found HERE.

A decision is expected to be made by October.

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