There has always been a shortage in substitute teachers in the Treasure Valley and the pandemic certainly hasn’t helped this, especially when subs have been needed the most. 

CBS 2 is reporting that the Kuna school district is actively looking to add substitute teachers to the network.

“The challenge is finding enough people because our district is growing as fast as it is," said Deann Greany, Kuna's school district benefits coordinator.

Substitute teaching is actually something I always considered doing, especially when I had a work schedule that would’ve allowed me to do so. I just always had figured that becoming qualified to be one would be a lot of work. As it turns out though, it’s actually a pretty simple process when it comes to becoming a qualified substitute teacher. 

To become a qualified substitute teacher so you can start applying for these jobs the first step is to complete an application for employment HERE.

Candidates must possess at least a high school diploma or GED and must consent to a background check. Idaho law also requires you to be fingerprinted which has a cost of $28.25 to do so. If you have a valid current or expired teaching certificate, you are exempt from taking the online Substitute Training Course. Otherwise, If you are not a certified or retired teacher, you must complete the STEDI SubSkills Training Course which has a $39.95 fee and you must pass with a score of 85%. 

That’s pretty much it though! After all of this completed you are on your way to becoming a substitute teacher

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