Well that came and went quickly.  Did you hear that Boise School District was exploring starting the school year one week earlier in coming years?  They aren't anymore. 

It seems there was considerable push back on the proposal, so BSD officails have revised their proposed schedule changes for coming years, that would have seen school start earlier and had final exams completed before winter break.

The final exam portion remains popular, but district officials said it became clear to them that support wasn't there for starting the school year earlier to facilitate that.

To accomplish the change to the semester structure, the district determined they could cut two in-service days and keep kids in the classroom instead.

The Boise School District board will now review the latest proposal which has moved the suggest start date for next school year to Wednesday, August 22nd instead of the original Wednesday, August 15th.

For more on the process and where the push back seemed to gain the most steam, check out The Idaho Statesman's article.


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