Boise has ranked among the Top Ten on so many lists in the last few years, it's starting to get hard to keep track.  Get ready to add another list where Boise is Top Notch. 

During the Holiday Season downtown Boise is transformed into a winter wonderland, and not only is it a perfect spot for humans but for our furry friends as well. put together the 11 most friendly pet Holiday Towns and Cities, and Boise ranks in at....can you guess it....#7.

Dogs with choice of food diet


Among the highlights that we take for granted with the State Capital the Zoo and the Rose Garden, dog-friendly hot spots are all over the Treasure Valley. Java Coffee House keeps you and your furry family member warm with a cup of coffee and the patio that is open for all. The soon to be opened 5 star Inn At 500 accepts all patrons in and outside the grounds with furry guests receiving complimentary food and water dish and a dog bed. While Boise was not a surprise to the list there are a few that may throw you for a bone.



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