Can someone explain to me how no one noticed that the city of Boise quite literally just endured a hurricane? No, seriously. How did no one catch this? While people were enjoying their new iPhones from Santa and finding cars with big red bows in their driveways like in those stupid commercials, the state of Idaho was in the middle of a hurricane.

How serious was this hurricane in Boise or is this a joke?

Yesterday (Tues. 12/28), the National Weather Service for Boise Twitter account shared a shocking image that, yes, actually shows Boise taking on a hurricane like it's nobody's business.

And what did we experience? A little bit of rain. It's somewhat hard to believe especially when you see what NWS Boise posted next!

Now, I'm no meteorologist or anything - but tell me that doesn't look like a hurricane. It's no wonder that Christmas disappeared in the Treasure Valley. The freaking hurricane blew it all away. All of it - the snow, the Christmas tree in my living room, and probably even Santa if he had to fly back home in that weather.

In all seriousness, I'm glad that the storms weren't more serious than they were especially with all of the travelers that are still trying to find their way home for the holidays. But if Boise did, in fact, just endure a hurricane? Then the city handled it like a pro.

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