A young man from Sierra Leone is living as an exchange student at Boise High. He has been blind since he was a child and is now gaining his vision thanks to the love, support and care of his community.

Joseph Sesay has made huge strides since his procedure in October, but he's still facing some obstacles when it comes to his eyes. His host dad says with help raising money for Joseph to stay an extra year in Boise, he will be able to go back to Sierra Leone ready to accomplish his dreams.

But now, he needs an additional corrective procedure to sharpen his vision and improve his reading and writing skills. He wants to read music because, currently, he's learning piano by ear.

Under federal law, it will cost $8,800 to keep Joseph at Boise High for an additional school year.

There is a GoFundMe page to raise money for Joseph's tuition. His host dad believes with this extra year, another surgery and continued therapy, Joseph's full potential can be realized. If he returns to Sierra Leone, he won't be able to receive the medical treatments and therapy services he needs.

He said "Joseph has some amazing gifts. Of anyone I've met in my life, he is the best example I can think of of someone who has triumphed over adversity.

If you would like to help Joseph, please visit the GoFundMe page HERE.

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