Bus Driver Larry Borchardt was working his normal route last Wednesday afternoon when he experienced a medical emergency. He couldn't see anything and he had a massive headache that completely took over. We hear about this story from KTVB, but I can promise you the 15 to 20 kids that were on that bus will remember this ride for along time.

Luckily no one was hurt during the incident, as the bus kept moving even after Larry lost his sight. He said it was years of muscle memory that helped him slow the bus down and lock the brakes.

Fourth-grader Jacob Farris and fifth-grader Tyler Thompson jumped into action grabbing the attention of another vehicle driver as well as dialing 911 on a cell phone to get emergency personnel to their location as soon as possible.

Borchardt was treated at West Valley Medical Center and has been released even though doctors aren't quite sure what happened. He is scheduled for more scans and has a new medication to help him recover to 100%.

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