The 5 Phases of Adjusting to College Life
Boise State is kicking off its fall semester this week, and students are going through a roller coaster of emotions. Excitement, fear, and culture shock will all play a role over the next few weeks, but there is a way to get through it.
Mike and Nicole’s OPP: Is it Wrong to Date?
Dear Mike and Nicole,
I recently relocated back to the area after accepting a teaching position at a local high school. My family and I left two years ago to be closer to my wife's family. I moved back because my wife and I ended up separating...
Boise State’s Top Ten Scholars Will Be Honored Friday
These are the smartest of the smart.  They are graduating seniors with GPAs of at least 3.8, they've earned stacks and stacks of honors, and they are finishing degrees in majors like business administration, biology, and health sciences.
Meanwhile, at work, we're watching giraffes have…
Nampa’s Columbia High School Issues Laptops to Students
This week, about 2,000 Dell laptops will be issued to Nampa’s Columbia High School students. The computers will be able to be used both in class and at home.
The district's plan is to equip all students and teachers with the electronic tools they need to support personalized lear…
Student Surprises Classmates By Walking During Graduation
A student named Micah McDade graduated from high school last week in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, about 40 miles south of Tulsa.
Micah has cerebral palsy and uses a wheelchair to get around.  He surprised his classmates at their graduation ceremony on Friday, by WALKING across the stage to get his diplom…
BHS Student Needs Your Help
A young man from Sierra Leone is living as an exchange student at Boise High. He has been blind since he was a child and is now gaining his vision thanks to the love, support and care of his community.

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