Recently I wrote a blog about Iconic Treasure Valley landmarks that you MUST go and experience before the kids and students get back to classes this fall. Last night one of those iconic spots, just made it self even more awesome. It's called "Freak Alley" and it has quickly become the absolute must see for the art goer or even the newbie art enthusiast. A destination for most visitors to the downtown area of Boise. It really has become a great representation of the melting pot of people and culture that makes up the Treasure Valley. Last night, Freak Alley Gallery held an overnight sundown to sun up event which is the largest outdoor mural event in the Northwest. I can't wait to go by and see truly is majestic. Get down and see this it really is a Gem of the City. The event will continue through out the rest of the week.

Check out a list of the greatest of #FreakAlley HERE

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