The awesome folks over at Boise Fry Company have opened a new restaurant with some different flavors... Get ready for Mala Luna Latin Kitchen, Downtown Boise! 624 W. Idaho St. Downtown, on the corner of Idaho Street and Capitol BLVD.

If this had just popped up in Downtown Boise, I never would have connected the two. About a month ago, Boise Fry Company posted this to their Facebook Page: "Something new and exciting is headed your way! Mala Luna is opening soon so send in your applications and join our awesome new team!" A fry company opening a latin kitchen? Who would've known? Well, according to Mala Luna's page, they're now open and serving people downtown!

As it appears on their Facebook page, Mala luna looks to serve latin inspired foods like Empanadas (of which we have some incredible options here in the Treasure Valley already, between The Empanada Club and Tango's Empanadas food truck, and others of course), they also seem to serve sandwiches, drinks and other awesome treats. The "refreshing watermelon margarita" certainly sounds like it would be a perfect thirst quencher on a hot summer day in Idaho.

I love a good startup, locally owned business. You can tell just by the way they've posted to Facebook that these people are excited to provide a new dining experience for our community and that they've taken a lot of pride in putting it together for us. I can't wait to try out Mala Luna! Lastly, congrats to the brave team at Mala Luna and the Boise Fry Company for opening this new restaurant during a pandemic!

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