I'm usually not the type of dog mom to tell other dog moms and dads how to parent their dog, but there's something I feel that needs to be said: please keep your dogs on a leash!

The other day in my apartment building, my dog and I were waiting on the elevator. When it arrived a little French bulldog who was not on a leash came dashing out and immediately started coming after my dog who was on leash. My dog felt very scared and at one point was almost cornered. Of course the bulldog had no recall skills and it's owner had to chase him down. It was a mess. Thankfully though, my pup was not aggressive. This easily could've ended in a different way if she was.

Just because your dog is friendly and maybe even has great recall skills, other dogs might not be as friendly and could feel threatened being run up on by another dog. Please be a responsible dog owner and leash yours! The only exception to this would be is if you are in a dog park or area that is specifically designated for off-leash dogs.

The unpredictable can and eventually it happen. For example, a squirrel could run by and your dog's natural instincts could kick in. On that note, it's very important to pay attention and be aware of the environment around you when you're with your pup.

There has been several reports recently of coyotes in the Foothills showing aggression and even coming after dogs hiking the area with their owners. Accidents or animal bites are greatly reduced when responsible pet owners obey the leash laws and recommendations that are in place.

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