Whether we like it or not, the city of Boise is expanding and evidence of that growth is all around us. We see it most on the roads of the Treasure Valley, especially with all of the necessary road projects taking place to keep up with the influx of people.

There's one glaring change though, that seems to have flown under all of our radars.

"So long 'City Center!'"

According to MacroTrends.net, in the last four years, the metro Boise area has grown at an average annual rate of 1.78%, or roughly 8,000 new residents every year. It might not seem like a lot now but we're expected to eclipse half a million by 2029 according to MacroTrends.net.

If you've taken a drive along I-84 recently, you may (or may not) have noticed a major change to the road signs leading into Boise. Before, the sign along I-84 read "City Center"... now?

Chris C./TSM Boise
Chris C./TSM Boise

That's right! We have graduated from "City Center" to "Downtown Boise." It almost brings a tear to your eye because it's like seeing a favorite band that's been near and dear to your heart go "mainstream." It almost makes the reality of Bosie's inevitable growth seem much more... present? We want to know what you think, let us know your thoughts here!

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