Do you remember that scene in the movie Independence Day when everyone discovers that Earth is under attack and being invaded by aliens? People. Lost. Their. S***.

That's the type of reaction I would expect from people when they discover exactly what in the hell people are doing on the roads in the Treasure Valley. After a careful review of the things that people shared that they saw happening on the road... the question that remains is:

Are we serious?

Y'all... I know people who will not even stick their toes into the ocean because of what may be lurking below. Let me remind you - this is the ocean... on a beach... where you can see the sand below the water before you even enter the depths of the said ocean.

I say this because I truly wonder - what would happen if everyone knew just how dangerous the streets of the Treasure Valley are?

No, seriously. Here I am... driving to work on a random Tuesday. Unknowingly, I'm gambling my life because "Fran" is also on her way to work. Except that "FRAN", is catching up on her favorite book as she changes lanes on the connector, preparing to exit downtown Boise. Then we have "FRAN" deciding that it's a good idea to trim her toenails on the center console as she makes the turn onto 84 towards Nampa.

Then all of a sudden, "FRAN" decides that it would be a good idea to open up her leftover ziti casserole and take a nice sharp fork to her delicious meal as she ventures to Ontario.

Now... excuse me for a second.

One Mississipi.

Two Mississipi.

Three Mississipi.


Does this not bother anyone? Are we all okay with playing a game of Final Destination as we drive 60 miles an hour down 84 all because "FRAN" decided it was a good idea to start a game of Monopoly while merging lanes on 84 as she heads to get her fix in Ontario? No?

I'm not okay with it either - let's look at some of the wild things people admit to doing on the roads of the Treasure Valley that should absolutely terrify all of us.

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