If you have a nice leisurely road trip planned for the weekend, the last thing you want to happen upon, is rows and rows of stopped traffic because of a rock slide.

Here's how to avoid it.

The landslide on State Highway 14 to Elk City happened last Thursday, right at the edge of the Nez Perce-Clearwater National Forest.  It created a huge mess, and covered up 500 feet of the road with debris 40 feet deep, according to the Idaho Statesman.

Not only do they have to clean up the debris, but they have to stabilize the hillsides too, so that nothing else knocks loose later on..  It will cost over a million dollars to fix, and it could take at least another two weeks to make the road passable.

If you have plans to drive to and from Elk City, they're saying you should check the Idaho County Sheriff’s Facebook page or call the dispatch office at (208) 983-1100 for updates.

Just wanted to have the heads up!