Saturday nights thunderstorms caused multiple fires that Boise Bureau of land Management responded too and had contained quickly.

This time of year storms can roll in and out of the Treasure Valley quick but with a vengeance. There has been a bit of lightning accompanying them causing some issues. 4 different lightning strikes that caused fires :

One was eight miles north of Mountain Home near the intersection of Canyon Creek and Mayfield road, and it totaled over 1,000 acres.

Another about five miles northwest of Mountain Home near Lockman Butte that was only about 165 acres, thankfully.

These two were close to town: ten miles southeast of Boise near Bonneville and  eleven miles southeast of Boise near Blacks Creek Road. These two only totalled about 45 acres.

No structures were harmed in any of these. There will be many more storms this summer but if they have less human-caused fires to worry about then they can focus on natural ones and containing them quickly.

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