Did you know that Black Friday is no longer the busiest shopping day of the year?  And that furthermore, you don't get the best deals on Black Friday either? Thanks to Good House Keeping, here are some secrets and tips for shopping this year on Black Friday



The busiest shopping day is now the Saturday before Christmas.  Not only is it bigger, but you get better deals that day, than on Black Friday too.  The next busiest and next best day to get deals is Christmas eve, especially if you do your shopping at a dollar store.

Here are a few of secrets help you out, you can get more info by clicking the button bar below.
1. A lot of the big-ticket deals are repeats this year.
2. Not all stores are created equal.
3. Stores try to pump up the discounts using sneaky tricks.
4. Brands also use tricky strategies to make you think products are new.
5. You might have already missed out on major discounts.
6. Shop in the morning to avoid the big crowds.

According to dealnews.com, here are some things you don't want to buy on Black Friday, because you can find them cheaper at other times of the year - jewelry, toys, electronics and certain types of clothing.

According to Wallet Hub, bad buys on Black Friday also include furniture.

The best buys will be books, CD's and DVD's, and video games all of which can save you about 22% to 28% over any other time of the year.

So good luck and remember, you might be able to save more at other times, but what you are looking for could also be gone.

Happy Black Friday shopping!


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