You can send that cute photo of your ex-boyfriend right to the shredder tonight at one Boise bar and you'll get a free drink ticket for doing it.

This might be a whole lot more therapeutic than just posting a picture of your ex on social media and watching your friends leave catty comments that you'll never be able to unsee.

Tonight, you'll get to be in the same room with a lot of post-breakup folks ready to clink glasses and offer high fives and celebrate the new freedom.  It'll be real live, face-to-face interaction to help you get over the pain of a break-up.

Not every bar will have a shredder running tonight, but this one will. Fatty's Bar is hosting a "Shred Your Ex" party, and once you run that photo of your ex through the shredder they'll give you a drink ticket to celebrate.  And as they put it, you can even cut out a random photo from a magazine and shred that one.  They'll never know the difference.  Ha!  Why not.

And you won't have to deal with shredder noise because Fatty's will be pumping the music from DJ Slieb and EDDY V all night long.  The beats will drown out the shredder, and the drink specials will probably drown out the breakup sorrows.

Who knows.  You might make a love connection tonight with someone new since so many single people will be there to shred their exes.  We'll worry about the rebound thing on Saturday.

The party starts tonight at 9 pm at Fatty's Bar, at 800 W Idaho St Ste 200 in Boise, and it's free to get in.  This might be better than Tinder.

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