Respect for My Ex
My ex-husband is one of my best friends. I have a ton of respect for him and how he has handled my imperfections. Along the rough road of divorce I've learned a lot of lessons and this is some of what I have learned.
Mike and Nicole’s OPP: An Ex Carrying My Baby
Dear Mike and Nicole,
My husband and I found out that we cannot have a baby because I cannot conceive. We are now looking for a surrogate to be an egg donor and carry our baby. He suggested his ex-wife and she said she would do it.
I really don't like the idea and it's extremely awkward to e…
Dumped? Dump Your Ex’s Stuff at Boise Goodwill.
Single people unite!  Valentine's Day is a great time to purge memories of the ex, and one way to do that is to dump the stuff off at a Boise Goodwill location. Lots of relationship leftovers will be donated, and Goodwill loves the idea.
Mike and Nicole's OPP
Dear Mike & Nicole,
My fiance and I have been together for going on four years. We are getting married next weekend and I have a problem. Me and 5 of my buddies flew to Portland for my bachelor party. In typical bachelor party fashion, I got drunk and responded to a text from my crazy ex-girl…
Anyone Else Invited To The Ex’s House For Thanksgiving?
This is my second Thanksgiving as a single lady.  My ex and I ended things in the summer of 2013, and with three kids it's been important to us to get along and maintain a good relationship, and let it evolve into something new.  We're both much happier apart, an although we weren't right for each o…