A Downtown Boise Bar is Closing
A bar and grill that has had a steady presence in Downtown Boise for thirty years is shutting its doors for good next weekend, but not before it holds one last blowout bash.
Ramen And Ping Pong Bar In Downtown Boise
How does Ramen, Ping Pong, and a full bar sound? Like a dream?
Well, it will soon be a reality in the basement of the Adelmann building in downtown Boise!

RamaPong is slated to open in late September, offering steaming bowls of ramen and games of ping pong in an 1,800-square-foot bar and restaurant ar…
Idahoan Calls 911 to Argue His Bar Tab
9-1-1 operators can't help with drive-thru orders that get messed up, they don't have cigarettes or a light, and they aren't a dating service that can set up callers with cute police officers. People have called 9-1-1 for some pretty non-legit reasons, and it's a crime each time …