Some dogs are great at pulling someone with a way to move, like rollerblade, skateboards, longboards but what is easiest with the dog. A summer day brought this topic to mind.

I think the hardest is rollerblading but haven't tried all three with a dog. This was my first time blading with a dog and my friend joined and he was longboarding and it seemed a lot easier for him to pull the dog not me.

Have you tried both? Most rollerbladers don't skate and vise versa. So a longboard you have the ability to put your foot down if the dog begins to pull you to stop. For blades you can use your break and then pull back the dog a bit to signify you want to slow down. Now none of this matters if your dog is not trained and can't therefore run in front of a board or blades/skates.

Charene TSM
Charene TSM

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