So there's only one flat screen TV left at the door buster price, and you and another person grab it at the same time and start the stare down.  Do you push and pull and tackle that shopper like it's 4th and goal and the game is on the line?  In these ten states you do.  Is Idaho one of them?

Idaho is actually pretty tame when it comes to Black Friday competitions.  We're in the middle of the pack in terms of the "most likely to encounter fights at Black Friday sales."

Arkansas has the most shoppers that will kick some butt over those two dollar pillows and Pioneer Woman cookware sets.  It's is the most likely place in the US to encounter Black Friday fights.

Oklahoma, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Missouri are in the top 10, and almost all of the most fight-prone states are in the southern half of the country, according to the Estately blog.  We're peaceful shoppers in these parts.

The blog used Facebook posts in those states showing interest in Black Friday sales, and combined that with the frequency of aggravated assaults according to crime reports.  Idaho ranked 34th for assaults, and 28th for passion about Black Friday sales if you're wondering.

Online shopping in pajamas seemed like a good idea before, and now with this knowledge, it turns out it could potentially spare us a black eye too.  Good luck!