Anyone else have a Furby?  Or a Lite Brite?  Even though newer versions are still in stores, the vintage ones are worth a ton.  And those old Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figures might even help you with a down payment on a car.  

Of course, it all depends on what condition the toy is in, but if it still works well and there aren't too many dings and scratches you might be able to sell these toys for a few hundred bucks, up to ten grand or more.

These are the Old Toys That Are Worth Big Money, according to

Lite Brite -  $140

Pez Dispensers - $211

Polly Pocket - $240

Cabbage Patch Doll - $325

Super Soaker - $380

Furby - $310

Teddy Ruxpin - $436

Strawberry Shortcake Doll - $500

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone First Edition - $650

Transformers - $750

Beanie Babies - $1000 (For the rare ones)

Monopoly Franklin Mint Edition - $1500

Marvel Action Figures - $2300

Barbie Dolls - $2350

G.I. Joe Action Figure - $3938

Hot Wheels Collector Cars - $10,000 to $100,000

Vintage ‘Star Wars’ Action Figures - $12,750

Pokemon Cards - $14,600 for first edition Pokemon card set

Spiderman Comic Book -  $47,875

If all of these toys are in the same pile in the attic, you're sitting on a mini gold mine.

Does your Furby still work?  Ours literally croaked.  It started making noises that were a cross between a croak and a groan actually, and the flashing lights went totally haywire.  It was under warranty and the company said it was a malfunction that couldn't be fixed, and they replaced it with an equivalent toy that wasn't a Furby.  It was a talking cat I think, and it's buried under a pile of toys now and not worth a dime.  But I do still have six Cabbage Patch Kids a Lite Brite, and some Pez dispensers, so there's hope.

It's amazing to me that people will spend almost fifty thousand dollars on a comic book, but if you're the owner of a vintage Marvel Amazing Fantasy No. 15: Spider-Man issue, you're loving it, and not questioning it one bit.  That's a new car or a fat down payment on a house.  If you sell, that is.

Do memories have a price?  If there's no emotional attachment to the toy it might be easy to let it go.  But it's a little harder if your high school sweetheart who is now your husband gave you that Beanie Baby with the corsage on prom night in 1990.

Now, if only slime and fidget spinners were worth that much we'd be all set.

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