It's considered one of the most beautiful waterfalls in world and this week it's even more spectacular than it has been or will be at any time this year because the Bureau of Reclamation has increased water flow nearly 6X over what it was just a week ago. But don't wait too long to see it, because the water flow is not expected to last too long.

Mike Beus, Bureau of Reclamation Water Operations Manager, says flows are up because of fish, “we’re increasing flow for the required salmon augmentation program.

According to Idaho Power’s website a flow monitoring station reported a considerable jump in flows from Monday to Tuesday. Water going past the Kimberly station on Monday reported 317 cubic feet per second. By Tuesday ithe City of Twin Falls reported 2000 cfs going over the Shoshone Falls.

How long can you expect to see the current flows over Shoshone Falls? Beus says “We have at least three weeks when our augmentation program will continue and then Idaho Power will probably keep the flows close to that for another two weeks.”

So if you want to see the falls this year, you better make your plans before the end of June or first week in July. This will be the peak time for flows over the falls, which make for more spectacular viewing.

It's a very easy trip from Boise. Located just outside of Twin Falls, it will take a little over two hours to get there, so if you have nothing else going on for your Memorial Weekend, this would be an easy day trip with the family.

You can check out the live cam from Shoshone Falls below to see what you are in for. Take it from is one of the most visually stunning things you can see in Idaho and it's in our own back yard