Yes I am always on the go and always looking for another adventure. So here we are gearing up for winter and I want to know what adventures can I go on this winter here in Idaho?

Not just weekend adventures but also longer treks too. I first think of snowmobiling, and checking out cool hotsprings. I know there are a few you can only access quickly by snowmobile or possibly snowshoeing?

One idea I have to share is the Idaho Yurt System, rent one of them and snowshoe in, these are yurts that are pretty fully equipped. There are places to still camp in the winter, skiing and snowboarding. Cabins to rent and fishing to be had!

Last winter I went with a lady at work to Tamarack Resort and that was definitely a fun time, the little saloon and hot tubs. Plus the winter wonderland it becomes is so pretty and romantic.

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