Rolling skating might just be the most underrated summer activity out there. Not only is it super fun and makes you feel like a carefree kid again, but it's also fabulous cardio!

I recently bought a pair of brand new roller skates and I've only busted them out a couple of times but that is soon to change. I need a little more practice before I'm going to feel comfortable skating through the Greenbelt for the sake of my safety and everyone else. In the meantime, I'm searching out perfect spots around Boise and Meridian where I can let loose and skate my heart out while working on how to properly stop and use my brakes.

Boise State - Campus is a great place to get more comfortable on skates because there's typically not much foot traffic - especially in the summer! Plus there are smooth paths which is kind of crucial for beginners. I learned the hard way that any surface that's not entirely smooth will end up with me on the ground

The Eagle bike park - There's a big area of concreate that apparently roller derby skaters practice on so this would be perfect for anyone learning how to skate!

Open school parking lots - Again, with school being out for the summer it should be fairly easy to find an open parking lot. Some might not the the flattest or smoothest but at least there's plenty of open space. Some even have outdoor basketball courts and tennis courts and if they aren't be used at the moment, can be a great place to get some practice in.

Know of any other places around town good for roller skating?

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