The Free Eats Project is something I came across many months ago and thought it was absolutely amazing. A mother and son duo working hard to whip up delicious, vegan meals for anyone who needs and wants them. Not only were they giving meals to those who are food insecure (though they are priority), they were providing meals for anyone who simply asked. Mothers and fathers who just need a night off from cooking. Busy college students who are too stressed to figure out dinner. Anyone looking to try delicious vegan options.

The premise, though simple, was a beautiful and ambitious undertaking that did so much good. I personally follow Free Eats Project on Instagram and started noticing posts in recent weeks asking those who signed up for meals to please pick them up. It seemed an emerging trend that meals were simply left without explanation. And I would think wow, what a colossal waste of time and energy for food to go to waste. Honestly I was pissed off for them.

Today they announced Free Eats is taking a break. In a post on their Instagram account, founder Amber detailed the reason for the "agonizing" decision. She cited the immense amount of time, money, and energy it takes to create these meals leading to "heartbreak" when people don't show up to take home the food they requested. Plus, it's wasteful. And after a weekend where half of the people who signed up for meals never showed, it seemed evident that perhaps the need for this project is not as great as it once was.

While the original version of the project is on hiatus, Amber and her son will being doing pop ups "here and there," and donations will go toward gift cards for another vegan eats maker, Vegan Soul for the upcoming Boise Juneteenth Celebration.

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