On days like today when the temperature comes close to or actually does touch 100, air conditioning is our best friend. However some people don't have a place to go to get relief from the heat. Normally we always think of helping the homeless during the cold winter months, but the hot summer months can be just as brutal! More hot days like today are ahead of us in the Treasure Valley.

Interfaith Sanctuary is asking for donations from the community to help keep their residents safe and healthy during the summer. On days like Thursday, basic essentials that the average person may take for granted could make the world of difference for someone else. Also, considering the insane housing market - people are facing homelessness and other related struggles more than ever in our city.

Listed below are some donation ideas:

* 4X-7X t-shirts, stretch/sweat pants, and underwear.
* Sunscreen
* Summer hats
* Bath towels
* Chapstick
* Reusable water bottles
* Popsicles
* Baby clothes for boys, age 9-12 months
* Individually wrapped snacks, protein bars, etc

Interfaith Sanctuary has it's doors open to the community seven days a week. Since last summer, Interfaith has upgraded their outside area to now include more shady spots for anyone in need of coverage or a break from the sun during the day. They also provide breakfast and lunch to whoever is need of a meal.

No matter what time of year it is, the shelter is always looking for donations. You can call (208-343-2630) before dropping off your donations or can use Interfaith's Amazon Wishlist to purchase items.

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