Last weekend I was lucky enough to spend the weekend in Seattle visiting family. That's what summer's all about, getting together with the people you enjoy most to make memories. On top of all the Seattle fun, Savannah and I brought our 13-year-old Nephew back with us to Nampa!

Colby is the most respectful and well-behaved kid ever. Since he was young, he's always been the one who will help anyone with anything, any chance he gets. On top of all of that, he dresses better than me. Basically, when I grow up I wanna be like Colby.

In all seriousness, he still thinks I am the "cool" uncle and I'm not ready to give up that title anytime soon. So, I'm looking for fun things to do with him this week while he's visiting. We know a trip to Roaring Springs is a must, but what other fun things would you suggest? Feel free to text in your suggestions to 208-376-5106.

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