After weeks of trying to pick the perfect place to have our dinner/reception after our elopement, with a smile in my face and a full tummy, I share why Barbacoa is the big winner.

Look, we vetted a lot of Boise restaurants and steakhouses trying to find the perfect place to have dinner on our wedding night. After our original plans were shattered by the never ending effects of Covid-19 and we decided to have a small 20-25 guest elopement, it was hard to picture a scenario where we would be fully content with our wedding weekend yet here we are!

Of course Barbacoa came recommended, I'd say it's probably the most highly recommended restaurant in Boise but we wanted to make sure we left no stone unturned. After many award worthy dinners around town, Barbacoa is the spot and here's why. Not only do they have two incredibly unique private rooms available; one upstairs and one down, but they offer an incredible four course menu option for private events and have easily some of the best tasting, most beautifully prepared food in town.

We stopped in tonight and had chips and fresh made guac (at the table) to start. My fiancé had the "hot rock" filet mignon which was easily the most tender cut of meat I've ever tasted (she let me have a bite), but not just that, as Stacy described it, because it was served on the hot rock, it stayed hot until it was gone and every single bite tasted like it was her first. I had this delicious, tender and juicy BBQ Chicken Pasta with a sundried tomato sauce, we had margaritas and shared the dessert special.


We've got family and friends traveling from different parts of the country and we wanted them to experience something special and between the incredible aesthetic of Barbacoa, the unforgettable food and the friendly and helpful staff, we don't have to second guess this decision. It's a must-do for any occasion and we can't wait to enjoy Barbacoa on one of the most special occasions of our lives.

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