Now, to be clear, I didn't do this work myself. I'm a renter and my landlord had professionals come clean up my backyard, but I promised my dog years ago they'd have a nice yard to play in, and it's finally happened!

I know, it sounds silly. But I came from Vegas where I lived either in apartments or houses with tiny backyards. I've had dogs for a long time and I hated that they never had a place to run free with grass and when we moved here, we knew that eventually they'd landscape the backyard, but because of the pandemic, it took a while I we ended up in this weed disaster.

Anyway, they came and cleared out the weeds, planted sod and gravel, and now the dogs want to be outside more than they want to be inside. In a separate blog, I shared how I scooped up an entire patio of furniture for only $75!

Here are the before and after photos:

Before 1
Before 2
After 1
After 2

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