Living in Meridian is all fun and games until you go to turn on the water.

Depending on where you live in the Treasure Valley, the water that comes out of your faucet varies in range of hardness and quality. Although having hard water isn't a health risk, it is a nuisance thanks to mineral buildup which can cause some nasty affects. For example:

  • clothes are stiff out of the wash
  • pipes & faucets have water spots or crusty orange build up
  • skin feels more dry and itchy
  • soap doesn't lather best

And don't even get me started on how much hard water is the literal devil for color-treated hair!

Keep reading to see which area in the Treasure Valley has the HARDEST water. 

Dealing with hard water is practically inevitable living in Idaho. 95% of tap water supplied to Idahoans is from the ground. In the Boise City area, approximately 70% of your water is supplied from 85 wells located in the area. The same goes for Meridian. 

According to Idaho Water Solutions, the mountains around us contain high concentrations of minerals or toxins like arsenic (GROSS). These contaminates then leak into our water supply. Air pollution, surface water run off, and chemicals flushed down toilets and drains also effect water quality. 

Water hardness can be measured by GPG which stands for Grains Per Gallon.

1-3 GPG     (lower end of the hardness scale)
4-7 GPG     (Middle of hardness scale),
8-11+GPG  (high end of hardness scale)

So where is the hardest Water in The Treasure Valley Area?

  • Boise - 6 GPG
  • Meridian - 8 GPG
  • Eagle - 6 GPG
  • Nampa - 3.5 GPG

Investing in water filters and softeners can be beneficial especially if you live in an area like Meridian which tips on the high end of the hardness scale.

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