A month ago or so, a Facebook post asking members of the Treasure Valley to say who was their hottest teacher growing up received a barrage of angry responses. One person even claimed that the question was so egregious it was their hope that the account had been hacked rather than someone genuinely asking the question. Accusations of sexualizing innocent teachers who are just trying to make a living were flying left and right. The post wasn't meant to be taken so seriously. Surely you crushed on a teacher as a kid at some point, right? That's natural! I was in love with my third grade teacher in the most harmless way. It's not like the post asked "Which teacher did you have an affair with when you were a student?" Obviously that's crossing a line.

But it got me thinking about comedy in general and what's considered palatable for Idaho. Comedians Jo Koy, Whitney Cummings, and Nikki Glaser are set to perform in Idaho later this winter and their comedy is hardly tame. But in looking at purchasing tickets for all three shows, it appears they have no issues filling the seats for their edgy, sometimes very raunchy humor.

Jo Koy's 2017 Netflix special has a rather long bit dedicated to the awkwardness and grossness that is teenage masturbation. I almost felt uncomfortable and I have a high threshold for raunchy. Meanwhile, Whitney Cummings and Nikki Glaser both have no issue discussing their respective sex lives and lady parts. But perhaps the pass is that all of these topics are relatable even if you wouldn't readily admit them about yourself on Facebook. If you're laughing at someone else then it's ok.

Can't say I'm not relieved to know so many are clamoring to go see these shows. We're all just human and living similar experiences. Just some people know how to spin them into comedy gold. And it seems Idaho appreciates that.

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