I've only heard about these special murder-style mystery dinners in passing. It's one of those things you hear people talking about when you ask, "what is a murder mystery?"

There was a train out of Horsehoe Bend, Thunder Mountain Line that hosted murder mystery events. That closed in 2016 and all has been quiet until Watson's Murder Mystery started.

Dinner, Drinks, and Murder Mystery Game in One Boise Spot

This just might be the way to switch things up a bit. There is some buzz around Watson's Mystery Cafè in Boise. Watson's is a very trendy place off Fairview where you watch a live mystery story as you enjoy drinks. Members of the audience receive cards to play along with and to help solve the mystery.

These are fun because it's almost like you're in the play or plot. Watson's offers teams of live actors, different sets that change by the day, and a fun atmosphere. You can follow them on social media and the groups just seem like they're having fun. That kind of theater is infectious and much needed.

The Good Place – “Michael’s Gambit”

"When a theft occurs, it's up to you to solve this mystery before the culprit gets away. Put your sleuthing skills to the test in this highly interactive detective game to solve The Case of the Lions Tail Pendent." That comes from the team at Watson's Mystery Cafè.

I will post up links below because they have a Speakeasy Nite Dance Showcase, Watson's LIVE, Datenight Comedy, and the murder mystery. I just noticed a very special, Hunks the Show (for those ladies' birthday party events).

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